Constitute the community, for those properties that require the same.

Legalisation of the Community Minutes Book

Registration of the property in the Spanish Tax Office in the corresponding province and carry out the necessary procedures to obtain the tax number NIF

Drafting of the statutes, regulations and rules…

Issue and manage the payment of receipts, corresponding to the ordinary and extraordinary budget

Control and management of payments of the periodic obligations of the Community, as well as those of exceptional nature authorised by the President of the community of owners with the object of maintaining the correct functioning of each and every one of the services in the property.

Periodic information to the President of all the matters related to the community of owners.

Book keeping and statement of accounts of the community and annual settlement of expenses and income, detailing all the expenses, grouped by items and distributed depending on the corresponding distribution coefficient, and detailing the income for the different concepts mentioning the balance, individualised, resulting, sending a copy to each of the owners.

Preparation of the annual budget with ordinary expenses

Preparation of the call for the general, ordinary and extraordinary meetings, and specialised staff will attend the said meetings.

We have a boardroom at the disposal of our communities of owners

Assistance and translation services in different languages of the community documents

Preparation and distribution to all the owners of the minutes of the community meetings and transcript to the minutes book

Labour advisory, preparation and payment of payslips, social securities and tax returns of the community employees

We coordinate and carry out a follow up of all the technical and human resources that are necessary for the maintenance and conservation that the community may require. We will also request and process all types of quotes for the works to be carried out in the building, together with the reports, necessary technical and management certificates, and obtain the corresponding licenses.

Monitoring of all the discrepancies that may arise in the community elements of the building that do not require the assistance of a competent technician.

Special emphasis on debtors, with preventive notices and also applying of surcharges for late payment and follow up, if applicable, of the corresponding legal claim.

Control of ordinary works to be carried out in the Community

We manage claims handling that could arise in the building with the insurance company of the community, carrying out a continuous follow up until complete resolution.

Management of leases, formalising as many contracts as necessary, invoicing and depositing the rental fee in your account, rent adjustments due to variations of the CPI and follow up, where necessary to file a legal claim for the payment of the rental fees

And in general any other service related to the good functioning of the community

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