Laboral consultancy in Marbella

At AFHA Marbella, we offer professional labor advisory services in Marbella to ensure that any company stays updated with labor regulations. This will be achieved through compliance with legal obligations and current regulations.

Principal Actions

Company registration and enrollment in Social Security.

Opening of workplaces.

Advice and planning in the hiring of your workers according to Collective Agreements, bonuses, reductions according to the type of contract, previous study of candidate profiles.

Drafting and registration of contracts, enrollments and dismissals, payroll, labor costs, contribution files, accident reports, severance payments, and terminations.

Labor disputes and claims.

Labor inspections and appeals against the Administration and Social Courts.

Occupational Risk Prevention.

Subsidy processing.

Self-employed workers.

Case law and Collective Agreements.

Processing of maternity/paternity, retirement, temporary disability cases.