Accounting Advisory

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Accounting consultancy and planning

Advisory in accounts closing operations

Accounts preparation from our offices or the client’s. Preparation of accounts by the client by means of remote access to our servers or from their own offices with periodic revisions.

Preparation of reports, annual accounts or other financial statements.

Accountancy revisions

Organisation of proceedings and accountancy files

Tax Advisory

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Advisory and initial tax planning and subsequent follow up

Preparation and presentation of tax declarations

Attention to requirements

Tax appeals and claims

Assistance in tax inspections

Electronic tax notifications

Tax and wealth declarations

Non-resident taxes

Periodic information concerning tax updates

Labour Advisory

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Registration of the company and inscription in the social security. Opening of employment centres.

Advisory and planning in hiring employees in accordance with collective agreements, allowances, reductions depending on the type of contract, prior study of candidate profiles

Drafting and registration of contracts, Social Security registration and deregistration, payslips, labour expenses, contribution files, work accident reports, settlements and dismissals.

Labour appeals and claims

Work inspections and claims before the administration and Social Courts

Prevention of occupational risks

Processing of grants

Self-employed workers

Jurisprudence and Agreements

Processing of maternity/ paternity files, retirement, temporary disability

Administration of communities of owners

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Grupo AFHA is formed by professional consultants with over 30 years of experience in the area. We offer our clients a full and specialised service in administration of communities of owners, covering the legal advisory needs related to the Horizontal Property Law.

Dynamic and efficient answers for the requirements of our clients

Registered administrator of communities of owners, Vicenta Rodriguez, since 1990

The administration of your community will be managed by a multidisciplinary team in labour and tax-accountancy matters

Direct contact and personalised attention to resolve any problem quickly and efficiently with a continuous follow up of incidences and claims

Taking advantage of our wide range of clients, we can provide any service that you require in your community within a short execution period and at competitive prices.

Our office is open 24 hours, including bank holidays, by means of the virtual office for your administration of communities of owners


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Incorporation of mercantile companies

Sale of inactive companies


Advisory and processing of increase/ reduction of capital, change of administrator/ address, mergers, divisions, settlement and other company agreements

Study and preparation of real estate purchase/ sale contracts, lease contracts, transfer of stock and shares, company contracts…

Preparation and presentation of annual accounts

Drafting of minutes of the administration board, certificates of the general board

Legal tax and mercantile

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Legal advisory to companies and self-employed

Advisory to other consultants and lawyer offices: advanced consultancy, reports and rulings, legal assistance

Consultants’ Support Company

Filing of appeals before the contentious-administration courts

Legal advisory in the purchase of assets

Advisory on foreign investments in Spain

Claims of non-payments

Bankruptcy proceedings

Tax criminal law

Other legal proceedings

Who are we?

Grupo AFHA

Group AFHA – a brand name that covers the different consultancy offices of the group – complements the services of each individual office with services for the rest of the group offices and central services.

It is clear that companies have to operate in a scope that is becoming each day more complex in legal, tax, labour, accountancy, financial, organisation and quality aspects. The continuous change of legislation and the difficulty of application requires companies to have a specialist in each of these areas, which is not always possible or affordable, especially in medium or small companies.hands-1063442_1920

Hiring these external services is not always satisfactory for the company, due to the lack of coordination between the different specialists that have to intervene in the resolution of each problem.

It has been our aim to offer companies a full service through one brand that responds in a coordinated manner to your tax, labour, accountancy and mercantile problems, amongst others.

Our brand is formed by a group of qualified professionals with experience to resolve, with maximum efficiency, problems that arise in the business world, and whose basic pillars are the personalised contact with the client and objective and independent advice..

AFHA Marbella

The origins of the group AFHA comes from the consultancy originally created by the economists, Mr Plácido Alejandre Durán and Mr Antonio Foncillas Marro.

In Marbella, AF Fiscalistas, S.L., Asesores Laborales AF, S.L. and Ragol Inversiones, S.L are the three consolidated firms that currently carry out consultancy. Since 1982, they offer professional services of tax advisory and consultancy, accountancy, labour, mercantile, legal and administration of community of owners. They are formed by qualified partners and with a wide experience in the consultancy area for companies, self-employed and individuals.
In the AFHA group of advisors and consultants, we want to reinforce and support, apart from businessmen and professionals, traditional offices, both in their current development and their extension to other multidisciplinary fields without having to incur high costs and whilst preserving their own identity, through our services of basic advisory and specialised consultancy.


Who are we?

AF FISCALISTAS, S.L., with Spanish company tax identification number (CIF): B-29.812.716, incorporated for an undetermined period in a public deed granted before the Notary Mr Martin Alfonso Sanchez-Ferrero Orús, on 28th November 1996 under protocol number 3.302 and registered in the Companies House (Registro Mercantil) in Malaga in volume 1917, book 830, page 101, section 8, page number MA-26018. This is the company that provides the professional services of tax, accountancy and mercantile advisory..

ASESORES LABORALES AF, S.L., with CIF number B-29.260.288, incorporated for an undetermined period by means of the public deed signed before the Notary in Marbella, Mr Martin-Alfonso Sanchez Ferrero-Orús on 20th April 1988 under protocol number 1167, registered in the Companies House in Malaga in volume 1225, book 138, page 83, section 8, page number MA-5951, first entry. This firm provides the labour advisory and administration of communities of owners services.calculator-178127_1920

RAGOL INVERSIONES, S.L., with CIF number B-92.912.575, incorporated for an undetermined period in the public deed signed before the Notary Mr Mauricio Pardo Morales on 6th May 2008 under protocol number 2063 and registered in the Companies House in Malaga in volume 4474, book 3383, page 196, page number MA-96162, first entry. This company has the sole object of incorporating inactive companies for the urgent sale to the client.

Our offices are located in Calle Jacinto Benavente 11, building Marbeland, first floor, door 9, post code 29601, Marbella (Malaga).

AF Fiscalistas, S.L. is also partner of the business centre Melior Vasari, located in the urbanización La Alzambra, business centre La Alzambra, offices 3-1, post code 29660, Marbella, Malaga, for the rental of offices to professionals and businessmen offering a full and personalised service to their clients, facilitating the administration and secretarial tasks and placing very cared-for installations in an excellent business surrounding.

Following the philosophy of group AFHA, all these services are aimed in order that you can concentrate 100% on your business and leave to one side the rest of the tasks that distract you from your main objective.


D. Francisco Giró Camacho

D. Francisco Giró Camacho

Economist and tax advisor in group AFHA since the year 2000, Accounts Audit Department in Auren 1998-2000. Controller in MC Promociones 1998. Administrative in Constructions Agomar 1997. Administrative in Banco Atlántico 1995-1997.

Degree in economics and business sciences at the University in Malaga. Masters studies in business and administration for companies at Esesa. Masters studies in tax law and tax advisory by Cerem.

Languages: high English level.

Dª Gloria Alarcón Pérez

Dª Gloria Alarcón Pérez

Tax advisor in Group AFHA since 1993.
Dª Vicenta Rodríguez Boils

Dª Vicenta Rodríguez Boils

Labour advisor and administrator of communities of owners in Group AFHA since 1990.

Labour advisor in Management office Pascual 1983-1990.

Administrative in the official association of Real Estate Agents in Valencia 1974-1980.

Various jobs as administrative in commerce and the car industry.

Administrator of communities of owners since 1990.

Afige labour relations 1991

Afige tax 1990

Member of Fedine 1992

Languages: intermediate English level

Dª Isabel Flores Navarro

Dª Isabel Flores Navarro

Economist and tax advisor in Group AFHA since 2001. Administrative in Smyej Crooration years 2000-2001 and in the insurance group La Estrella year 2000

Certified in business studies at the University in Malaga

Languages: intermediate English level.