Advisers and Consultants Group

Advisers and Consultants Group

AFHA Group is a brand name that encompasses various advisory firms within the group, complementing the services provided by each individual firm with the services provided by the other firms within the group and the central services. From tax advisory or tax consultancy to labor, accounting, commercial advisory, etc.

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Our services

Tax Advisory

  • Advisory and initial tax planning and subsequent follow up
  • Preparation and presentation of tax declarations
  • Attention to requirements
  • Tax appeals and claims
  • Assistance with tax inspections
  • Electronic tax notifications
  • Income and wealth tax declarations
  • Non-resident taxes
Our services

Accounting Advisory

Accounting consultancy and planning

Advisory in accounts closing operations

Accounts preparation from our offices or the client’s. Preparation of accounts by the client by means of remote access to our servers or from their own offices with periodic revisions.

Preparation of accounting by the client through remote access to the server or on-site with periodic reviews.

Preparation of reports, annual accounts, or other financial statements.

Our services

Labour Consultancy

Registration of the company and inscription in the social security. Opening of employment centres.

Advisory and planning in hiring employees in accordance with collective agreements, allowances, reductions depending on the type of contract, prior study of candidate profiles

Drafting and registration of contracts, Social Security registration and deregistration, payslips, labour expenses, contribution files, work accident reports, settlements and dismissals.

Communities of Property Owners Administration

Tax advisory and initial planning followed by ongoing monitoring

Preparation and filing of tax returns

Handling of tax inquiries

Tax appeals and disputes

Assistance during tax inspections

Electronic tax notifications

Income and asset declarations

Taxation for non-residents
Regular updates on tax developments

Our services

Legal tax and mercantile

Legal advice to companies and the self-employed

Advice to other consultancy and law firms: advanced consultancy, reports and opinions, legal assistance.

Filing of appeals before the contentious-administration courts

Legal advisory in the purchase of assets

Advice on foreign investment in Spain

Claims of non-payments

Bankruptcy proceedings

Criminal tax law

Our services

Mercantile Consultancy

Formation of commercial companies.


Advice and processing of increases/decreases of capital, changes of administrator/domicile, mergers, divisions, liquidation, and other corporate agreements.


Study and drafting of contracts for the purchase-sale of real estate, leasing, transfer of shares and participations, corporate contracts.


Preparation and submission of Annual Accounts.

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