Companies have to operate within an increasingly complex framework in terms of legal, tax, labor, accounting, financial, organizational, and quality aspects. The constant changes in legislation and the difficulty of implementation mean that companies must have a specialist in each of these areas.

Our firm is comprised of a group of qualified professionals with experience in efficiently resolving the problems that arise in the business world. Our fundamental principles are personalized customer service and providing objective and independent advice.

Tax Advisory

One of our main services at our AFHA management agency in Marbella is tax advisory. At AFHA Marbella, we have a team of professionals specialized in providing tax advisory services in Marbella. At AFHA Marbella, we have specialized tax advisors and tax consultants.

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Accounting Advisory

At AFHA Marbella, we offer professional accounting services with an expert team. We provide quality accounting advisory services in Marbella and the Costa del Sol region, with a reliable team boasting years of experience.

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Labour Consultancy

At AFHA Marbella, we offer professional labor advisory services in Marbella to ensure that any company stays updated with labor regulations. This will be achieved through compliance with legal obligations and current regulations.

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Communities of Property Owners Administration

The AFHA Group is composed of professional advisors with over 30 years of experience in the sector. We offer our clients comprehensive and specialized service in property management, covering the legal advisory needs related to the Horizontal Property Law.

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Mercantile Consultancy

Our Marbella Business Advisory service is backed by a team of workers with years of experience in this field. We specialize in advising any company and providing our clients with business services to ensure all business activities are conducted properly.

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Legal tax and mercantile

At AFHA Marbella we offer the best services related to advice and management in Marbella. Tax and commercial legal services are a very important part of our services. All our services are backed by professionals with years of experience.

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